Teen filmed hanging off back of bus in dangerous stunt

A young boy has been caught on a dashcam carrying out a dangerous stunt.

He was spotted hanging onto the back of a moving bus in Newcastle, north of Sydney.

Video shows him clinging on tightly and balancing on the bumper bar as the bus overtakes several cars and travels over double lines.

The boy was seen clinging to the back of a bus. Source: 7 News

It appears as though the bus driver is unaware of the boy's antics during the time the footage was taken.

Daredevils risking lives by using NSW dam as waterslide

Daredevils are risking their lives by using a northern New South Wales dam as a type of waterslide.

The thought of the dam being used as a plaything for thrill-seekers terrifies the Tweed Shire Council, which claims the activity could prove deadly.

This footage of people shooting down the dam has been viewed millions of times on social media. Source: 7 News

Video of people shooting down Clarrie Hall Dam has been viewed more than 3,000,000 times on social media, prompting a warning from local authorities.

"Don't put yourself at risk and don't put community emergency response teams at risk trying to save you," Tweed councillor Anthony Burnham said.