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'Ted Lasso' season 3 trailer previews the highs and lows of the Premier League

There will be plenty of drama off the pitch.


Apple is finally ready to show more than a brief glimpse of Ted Lasso's next chapter. The company has shared its first full trailer for the Apple TV+ show's third season, and it's clear the new episodes will illustrate both highs and lows as AFC Richmond returns to the Premier League. The team's quest for redemption and the showdown with Nate (now working for West Ham United) remain the main arcs, but it's evident drama off the field is as important as before.

The trailer suggests Nate has mixed feelings about his defection, and that the new season will dive further into the relationship between Keeley and Roy. It's also clear we'll see more attention spent on Jamie, and Ted's son makes an appearance. Roy's role as assistant coach is already known to factor into the plot, as is Rebecca's rivalry with her ex Rupert.

Ted Lasso returns on March 15th, with new episodes arriving each week. It's unclear if there will be more seasons beyond this. However, it's safe to say Apple isn't leaning on the series as much as it did before. Well-received productions like Slow Horses and Severance have helped bolster the catalog, even if it's still considerably smaller than what you'd find at rivals like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.