Taylor Swift fans swarm south London pub named in new album

Taylor Swift fans swarm south London pub named in new album

A south London pub named in Taylor Swift’s new album had to turn away customers after being mobbed by “Swifties”.

Fans quickly spotted Track 17, The Black Dog, is a reference to a very specific freehouse in Vauxhall.

Their theory is it must be ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn that Swift sings about on the tearjerker.

Recalling seeing the man going into a pub via her smartphone app, she belts out: “I am someone who until recent events you shared your secrets with and your location.

“You forgot to turn it off.

“And so I watch as you walk into some bar called The Black Dog.”

However, staff said they don’t remember the US star or British actor Alwyn visiting the venue - but are delighted by all the “totally unexpected” attention.

Amy Cowley added: “This is the Taylor Swift Effect - anything she touches goes viral. We’re super excited. It was a great atmosphere last night with the fans.

“We’re not sure if she visited. She might have done – we wouldn’t even know. It’s a possibility but it’s great to keep her fans in suspense.

“We have members of the team who are big Swifties. On Friday, everyone got a swift half of our Black Dog lager and we’re running that for the next week with food purchases.

Taylor Swift fanatic enjoys a pint (Black Dog / Instagram)
Taylor Swift fanatic enjoys a pint (Black Dog / Instagram)

“People had to be turned away, we didn’t have capacity. It was really rammed.

“Obviously, we’re in planning mode now because of her upcoming Wembley shows.”

Twins Kylee and Jordan Ludwig and their friend Katelyn Anziano, all 20, visited the pub yesterday.

Kylee told MailOnline: “As soon as we heard the lyrics and realised it was a real place, we knew we just had to come here. I mean, we can now say we were in The Black Dog on the day of its release.”

Katelyn added: “It’ll become part of Taylor Swift lore. Especially because it’s such a sad, emotional song.”

Swift appears to have dived even deeper into her recent relationships in The Tortured Poets Department.

The album is thought to be filled with hints over her recent break-ups with Alwyn and The 1975 star Matty Healy, as well as her current relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce.