Taylor Momsen gives fans a health update after bat bites her on stage

Taylor Momsen gives fans a health update after bat bites her on stage

Taylor Momsen had an unfortunate surprise during a live show in Spain, when she was bitten by a bat in front of the crowd.

The Gossip Girl actor and lead vocalist of rock band The Pretty Reckless was on stage in Seville, Spain when members of the audience began shouting in an effort to alert her to the the animal on her leg.

A bat had flown onto Momsen’s mini slip dress, by her thigh, without her realising as she performed the song “Witches Burn”.

Footage shows an oblivious Momsen, 30, asking the crowd what they are trying to point out to her.

“You guys are pointing at something, and I don’t know what you’re saying,” she said, before shrugging and walking around the stage.

Then, she notices the creature and calmly asks for assistance removing it.

“There’s a f***ing flying bat on my leg right now, can someone help me please?” Momsen said into the microphone, before throwing her head back in laughter. “I must really be a witch!”

Taylor Momsen (Getty Images for The Recording Academy)
Taylor Momsen (Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

The clip then shows a staff member approaching Momsen and shaking her dress to coax the bat away.

A Portuguese-speaking member of the crowd is heard complimenting Momsen’s handling of the situation, calling her “very professional”.

On Saturday (1 June), Momsen posted the clip on her Instagram page and told fans her account of the “rock and roll moment”.

“In the moment I was performing and had no idea until the incredible crowd kept screaming and pointing… he was cute, but yes he bit me… so rabies shots for the next two weeks.”

Momsen then thanked the hospital staff who gave her the affectionate nickname of “Batgirl”, adding: “More footage to come… that’s one for the books!!!!”

Among several fans commenting on the clip included singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, who asked: “Did it hurt?”

Meanwhile, others shared how impressed they were with Momsen’s handling of the situation.

“This is the most rock n roll, witchy thing that has ever happened and I’m obsessed,” one fan wrote.

The following day, Momsen, who played Jenny Humphrey in four seasons of the teen drama Gossip Girl, shared more footage of her performances in the Spanish city, as part of the support act for AC/DC.

She noted that the second night was, thankfully, bat-free. “PS, rabies shots are NOT fun,” she added.

Later, she shared a picture from backstage of her standing by a hand-drawn sign declaring the area a bat-free zone.

“OK, so AC/DC has the best crew ever, love you guys,” she wrote alongside the picture, adding laughing emojis.