Takeshi’s Castle is back: All you need to know about the Japanese gameshow reboot

Tom Davis and Romesh Ranganathan are the new hosts of Takeshi’s Castle  (Amazon Prime / Academy PR)
Tom Davis and Romesh Ranganathan are the new hosts of Takeshi’s Castle (Amazon Prime / Academy PR)

Legendary Japanese gameshow Takeshi’s Castle is making an epic comeback.

After its initial release by the Tokyo Broadcasting System in 1986, the thrill-filled series went on to inspire a generation of shows, including Total Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, and Ultimate Beastmaster.

It has also been recognised as the inspiration behind the Tough Mudder obstacle race, the Fall Guys videogame, and Netflix’s Squid Game.

The show has been kickstarted back in Japan this year, meaning the new series has begun making its rounds across the globe.

Here is everything we know about the Takeshi’s Castle reboot, including who will be doing the English voiceovers and where you can watch it.

Who will be presenting the new Takeshi’s Castle episodes?

The new series of Takeshi’s Castle has voiceovers from British comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis.

This new season will mark the first time British audiences get to see entire episodes of Takeshi’s Castle as it was designed for Japanese viewers. Previously, episodes were re-edited for British audiences.

Talking about it to Metro, Romesh has revealed that he wasn’t too pleased about the Fighting Spirit Award that has been included in the show, which allows competitors who have failed a round to re-enter the race.

Ranganathan said: “It’s because they’ve made the round too difficult and then they realise that nobody is progressing.”

Where is Takeshi’s Castle being aired?

The Takeshi’s Castle reboot with the English voiceovers is currently available on Prime Video, having been released on Wednesday, August 30.

What will the reboot be like?

According to Amazon, viewers can expect a show that is “hilarious, dramatic, and at times utterly baffling”.

The streaming giant said that Ranganathan and Davis will “transport you back to the essence of 90s mayhem as you watch over 100 contestants attempt to storm the impenetrable Castle, fighting off all manner of guards, devils, and giant foam mushrooms along the way”.

The luckiest and bravest contestant will go on to face Takeshi himself, potentially taking home one million yen.