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Fresh fears over cars' deadly airbags

There are calls for car manufacturers to recall more than 1.5 million deadly Takata airbags.

A Sydney man died from shrapnel in his Honda's defective airbag in July, prompting drivers to demand recalls.

There is now a backlog of up to 18 months for new airbags, and still 1.5 million Takata airbags in Australian cars.

But what’s even more alarming is 50,000 of the defective airbags are Alpha models, said to fail half the time.

A simulation shows shrapnel exploding from the airbag. Source: 7 News
A simulation shows shrapnel exploding from the airbag. Source: 7 News

Consumer advocacy group Choice’s Tom Godfrey has accused car companies of putting in the same airbags they were taking out.

“You have a fifty per cent chance in an accident that your family will be hit with lethal shrapnel,” Mr Godfrey said.

Choice has called for a mandatory recall.

The models of cars carrying the airbags are Lexus, Toyota, BMW, Honda and Nissan, aged 11-18 years old.

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ACCC’s Delia Rickard encouraged anyone facing a long delay to contact the commission immediately.

All makes and models that are currently affected by the Takata are on the Product Safety website.

Consumers are strongly urged to check whether their vehicles are included in the recall by checking the list, or contacting a dealership or the vehicle manufacturer.