Taco shop turns footage of robbery into viral ad

Yahoo Canada

A burrito joint in Las Vegas in the US isn’t letting a burglary caught on surveillance cameras bring their business down. Instead, they’re taking advantage of the footage by editing it into a clever ad.

In the YouTube video “Burglars Just Want Tacos”, surveillance footage shows a man driving up to the door of the Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos restaurant and unsuccessfully throwing a rock at the door.

“Guy wants taco. Restaurant is closed. Sorry bro. :( Try the other door, bro,” text under the video reads.

The hungry visitors leave no stone unturned in their hunt. Photo: Screenshot

He then drives up front and smashes the window open.

“He reeeeaaally wants a taco,” it reads as two suspects enter the restaurant. “So does his homeboy.”

The indoor surveillance shows the men rummaging around the shop, searching in drawers, the register and storage rooms.

“No tacos,” the accompanying text reads, as a flying emoji taco soars by.

When footage reveals another vehicle pulling up to the front, the text exclaims, “Here comes mom to pick them up,” as the two suspects run into the van.

Forget thieves. Sell tacos. Photo: Screenshot

But the saga’s not over.

“Mom wants a taco too,” the text reads as a man runs back into the restaurant. The footage goes back to inside where the man is seen pulling the cash register.

“Mom will be mad there are no tacos in the register.”

The clip has managed to pull in hundreds of thousands of views to date. Photo: Screenshot

The ad rounds with a plea to help find the culprits so “we can get them the tacos they so rightfully deserve.” But the quips don’t end there. It recasts the footage of the suspect unsuccessfully throwing a rock.

“And someone please teach this guy how to throw a rock” it reads. “That was weak bro.”

The video’s been viewed more than 810,000 times, which probably translates to a good amount of tacos.