T-Pain won't take country music credits because of racism

T-Pain won't take credit for writing country songs credit:Bang Showbiz
T-Pain won't take credit for writing country songs credit:Bang Showbiz

T-Pain stopped taking credit for writing country songs because of the "racism" he faced.

The 39-year-old rapper admitted he is a big fan of the genre and it has inspired a number of his own songs, even if other people don't think it is "cool" to look at other musical styles.

He said in a TikTok video: “Good music is good music. I don’t [care] where it comes from or what style it comes in.

"All the people I know feel like it’s not cool to listen to other genres of music. Country music is where I get all my harmonies.”

And the 'Bartender' hitmaker – real name Faheem Rashad Najm – admitted he's hidden the full extent of his forays into the country world because he doesn't want to experience a backlash due to his skin colour.

He continued: “I done wrote a lot of country songs [but] I stopped taking credit for it because as cool as it is to see your name in those credits and [stuff] like that, the racism that comes after it is just like, ‘I’ll just take the cheque. Don’t put me on that. I’ll just take the cheque, bro. Nevermind, dude.’”

Although T-Pain didn't reveal who he had written for or if he uses an alias, he previously claimed to have penned tracks for a number of "very important" country artists when he spent two years living in Nashville.

He told 'The Breakfast Club': “I write a lot of country music for huge country artists that would rather not have it known that I write for them.

“I got back up with Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Rhett Akins [and] Dallas Davidson.

"So, you know, I’ve written a lot for a lot [for] very important country artists."