'Don’t ever try grabbing a woman': Woman praised for brave social media post about attack

A Sydney woman has bravely taken to social media to condemn an alleged indecent assault and bashing she experienced at the hands of a man.

Lilly Perrott took to Instagram and posted a selfie of the injuries she suffered at the hands of her alleged attacker after she says he was convicted last week.

Ms Perrott said she suffered the injuries after she was punched “directly in the face” by a 90kg man at Newtown Festival seven months ago resulting in a fractured nose and eye socket.

In an earlier post, she said the man stuck his hand up her dress and groped her while her boyfriend was with her.

Ms Perrott posted this after her attacker received his conviction. Source: Instagram/ lillymiranda10

She said she scalded the man and he punched her right in the face.

“After 2 days of court with 5 witnesses on my side and being interrogated by 2 smug defence lawyers we successfully got the drunk asshole who assaulted me to take responsibility for his actions as the judge ruled him guilty to aggressive assault with malice intent,” she posted recently.

“It was a bittersweet feeling walking up to him and demanding an apology afterwards and watching him sputter and blubber out that he was ‘very sorry for what he had done’ (bulls**t) and I will be compensated for everything.”

Ms Perrott finished her post by saying her point was: “don’t ever try grabbing or assaulting a woman”.

“Because we'll grab you by your metaphorical balls and squeeze you right back twice as hard,” she said.

Her post has received more than 62,000 likes on Instagram and almost 2000 comments with some users praising her courage for condemning violence against women.

“That's amazing, you're such an inspiration to everyone going through the same thing. That takes courage,” one Instagram user commented.

Ms Perrott dons a badge saying, 'Can't touch this', as a statement condemning violence against women. Source: Instagram/ lillymiranda10
The original post Ms Miranda made last year. Source: Instagram/ lillymiranda10

“Such a strong beautiful soul,” another wrote.

Ms Perrott said she hoped her post would help others "muster up the strength to challenge and stand up to their attacker".