Undertaker posts video warning Muslims 'what will happen if they drink'

An undertaker has posted a video warning to Muslims while standing next to a dead body, saying they will end up in a body bag if they ignore their faith.

Ahmad Hraichie, from Sydney, shared the footage of himself wheeling a body into a fridge at the start of the Sydney New Year's Eve celebrations on Sunday.

He said his Muslim "brothers and sisters" who ignore their faith and have sex outside of marriage or drink will end up "in a fridge".

“This is where we are all going to spend our New Year’s party if we die on New Year’s Eve - in a fridge, where the brothers and sisters have probably got their drinks all in the fridges and their snacks,” he said.

Undertaker Ahmad Hraichie has shared the footage of himself warning other Muslims while standing with a body bag. Photo: Facebook/ The Australian Muslim

"We're going to put our brother in the fridge. That could have been me. That could have been you."

While gesturing to the camera, Mr Hraichie said to "be aware" of what you do on New Year's Eve.

"Anyone who's going to do anything against our religion of Islam - drinking, fornication - look at this man and this is an example, stop it before it's too late," he said.

In November, Mr Hraichie filmed another impassioned video about forgiveness with the father of Jihad Darwiche, who was killed when a car crashed into his classroom in Sydney's west.

The undertaker said his Muslim