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Sydney Royal Easter Show Free Fall ride shut down after 'terrifying' incident

The Sydney Royal Easter Show has shut down a ride after an issue with the attraction's harness.

On Sunday afternoon, a young boy was pictured a few metres off the ground without the safety bar in place on the children's Free Fall ride.

The image, which was shared to Facebook, shows the child sitting at the end of the ride without the harness as others cling to theirs.

Pictured are the children on the Free Fall ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Sunday.
A child's harness was not secured on a ride at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Source: Facebook/Eva Grace

The woman who snapped the photo said members of the crowd had to scream to get the operator to stop the ride.

It was eventually paused, however, one onlooker told The Daily Telegraph the operator couldn't get the ride back down.

Instead, the boy had to jump into someone's arms.

"That's terrifying, far out," one person commented on the image.

"Damn that's just awful!" another person wrote.

A large crowd at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
The Sydney Royal Easter Show has shut down the 'Free Fall' ride. Source: AAP, file

Mum of boy on Easter Show ride speaks out

The Daily Telegraph spoke with the mum of the boy who did not have his harness fitted on the Free Fall ride.

"It’s hard to tell how he is doing as he has autism," Sky Boustani Curtis said.

"He’s 4-years-old old. They simply did not pull his harness down, didn’t check him."

The Sydney Royal Easter Show released a statement about the incident on Sunday night, stating the ride would be shut down.

"The safety of patrons at the Show is paramount and we have shut down the kids' Free Fall ride following a reported issue with a harness," the statement said.

"The safety systems of the ride functioned well to prevent any injury occurring and the ride will not operate again until a full investigation has been completed and the ride has been approved by specialist engineers."

Located in the 'Kid's Carnival' area of the show, the Easter Show's website says the Free Fall is "ideal for the young thrill-seekers".

"A controlled drop that simulates the fear of falling - with a gentle stop bringing them safely back to earth," the website boasts.

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