Roosters star Dylan Napa 'knocked out by cleaners after charity party'

Two cleaners hired to help during a charity bash at a home in Sydney’s northern beaches are allegedly responsible for the altercation that left three people in hospital, including Roosters player Dylan Napa, the host of the party said.

Theo Chambers said he had paid the man and woman to help out at the fundraising event in his Palm Beach mansion, but they were soon distracted by the party.

"The two cleaners are the ones that caused all this trouble. They were at the party, they were meant to be cleaning, but they were just partying and enjoying themselves," Mr Chambers told Fairfax Media.

The party was a charity event organised by Theo Chambers. Photo: Instagram

"It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure them out. They were drug addicts. They turned up and had no intention of cleaning. They did nothing, absolutely no cleaning at all."

When the party wrapped up at 10pm, most of the 600 fancy-dressed attendants left the property but several close friends and relatives of Mr Chambers stayed overnight at the multi-million dollar home.

Mr Chambers said he confronted the pair and told them if they had no intentions of cleaning up after the party, then “it’s probably best to go”.

“They said, ‘we’re not cleaning.’ So I said, ‘can you just get off the property?’ I think they took offence to that,” he said.

Roosters star Dylan Napa was taken to hospital after the altercation. Photo: Getty

Hours after the party finished, the remaining guests were asleep inside the home when the 'cleaners' returned.

Mr Chambers claimed they broke into his house and the man used a fire poker to smash his property.

Roosters player Dylan Napa, 24, was reportedly asleep inside at the time, and woke to hear a woman screaming.

As he went to help, he was knocked unconscious.

The man who allegedly attacked him was covered in blood when paramedics arrived and had sustained cuts to his face and arms. It is not clear how he became injured.

More than 600 people attended the costume party. Photo: Instagram

Napa and the two cleaners were taken to Mona Vale Hospital and were released on Sunday.

Police spokesperson confirmed emergency services were called to the Bynya Road premises around 3am on Sunday.

"Two men, aged 33 and 24, and a 26-year-old woman, were treated at the scene by NSW ambulance paramedics for minor injuries," the spokeswoman said.

The Roosters issued a brief statement saying they were aware of the incident and the NRL had been informed.

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