Sydney resident sends letter to ban 'noisy' kids playing in street, saying it's 'not the Australian way'

EXCLUSIVE: Samuel Hussey

A Sydney resident has written an angry letter to neighbours asking them not to let any of their kids play in the street as they are too noisy.

The anonymous author of the letter said residents in the street, in the plush south-eastern Sydney suburb of Kingsford, had lost their “peace, independence and quietness” as a result of the noise.

“We are kindly requesting you in a nice way to help all of us to live in peace and quiet in our street,” the letter said.

Recommending parents take their children to a park rather than play in the street, the frustrated Sydney resident said letting them play outside was “not the Australian way”.

The neighbour was fed up with the noise coming from the street. Source: 7 News

The disgruntled resident was not only annoyed by children playing in the street but also by the movement of neighbours' cars.

“You blocking a parking space, you blocking the street, you obstructing traffic, you parking a trailer on public land and you behaving like the owner of the street.

“We all bought (sic) up kids not in the way you doing it, it is not the Australian way, it was always wrong in the past, it is wrong, illegal and dangerous.

“If you like your kinds (sic) and their friends to play and enjoy their car and all other different toys take them to a park, there are plenty around us.

The resident said parents on the street were not raising their children right by letting them make too much noise outside. Source: Getty

“We can’t live (sic) our front door open because of the noise from the small car, screaming and yelling any time of the day in front of our houses.

"I hope this letter will bring back the silence we used (sic) and entitled to, and that we all can live in harmony and have our rights respected."

One neighbour, shocked by the letter, said none of the issues raised are valid and the complaining resident shows no understanding of "the Australian way".

"I can't think of anything more Australian than kids enjoying open spaces close to their homes," said the anonymous neighbour in response.

"The street is full of lovely families and their kids. Maybe whoever wrote this should try and fit in with the majority rather than whinge about kids playing nearby.

"Or maybe they should just move out.

"We won't stop our kids playing near their homes. In fact we might hold a street party to make some noise. Whoever doesn't want to come will just have to close their windows."