Sydney pub's 'hot girls eat free' campaign under fire

A Sydney pub has been slammed for its "sexist" promotion offering free meals for "hot" women.

The former family-friendly pub, Petersham Inn, in Sydney's inner west, has recently transformed into an American-style sports bar, including an adult entertainment venue featuring strip shows.

The Petersham Inn is offering free meals for

The Strip Inn is accessible through a separate entrance to the public bar, featuring topless waitresses and strip shows.

A poster, depicting an attractive woman seductively eating a slice of pizza, is plastered outside the venue, advertising a promotion where "hot girls eat free".

The campaign has outraged a group of local women who have called the stunt "sexist" and "misogynistic", the Inner West Courier reports.

Members of The Inner West Mums Facebook group have slammed the campaign, calling it degrading to women and say it is sending the wrong message to their children.

The venue's licensee says the promotion was intended to be fun and light-hearted. Picture: Facebook/Aussie-Greg Foster

“Totally appalled! That is absolutely outrageous in this day and age,” one mother wrote.

A second woman agreed, saying: “It’s offensive and wrong. How do I explain it to my two daughters?”

"I have two teenage sons who have to walk past these images every day on their way to school - what is this teaching them about respect for women?" another mother commented.

The inner west Sydney venue has been rebranded since new licensees took over in late June. Picture: Facebook/Petersham Inn

But the venue owner Bianca McDonald, who took over the establishment in late June, said the campaign was was supposed to be a "creative and funny" attempt to attract more ladies to the pub.

“The sign was meant to be lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek and to create a spirit of fun for the patrons, as well to bring local women into the pub,” Ms McDonald told the Inner West Courier.

“There are so many boring signs out there, why not have a bit of fun with it all?”

The Petersham Inn now includes a 'gentleman’s club' the Strip Inn accessible by a separate entrance to the main public bar. Picture: Facebook/Petersham Inn

Ms McDonald told the paper the promotion encouraged staff to have a little fun with women who ask about the free meal offer, with bar staff instructed to "um and ah" about whether the woman is "hot" enough for a few seconds, before offering them a free meal with any drink purchased.

She said she had only received one formal complaint over the poster, and was disappointed only three women have taken up the free meal promotion so far.