Sydney Occupy site dismantled again

Police and city council workers move in to dismantle the Occupy Sydney camp. Photo: 7News

FIRST ON 7: Sydney City Council have dismantled the Occupy Sydney settlement for the second time in a week.

NSW Police moved in at around 10am on Friday morning to encourage the occupants to remove their makeshift shanty. They detained two people have released them soon after.

Soon after Sydney City Council arrived with trucks to remove the rest of the settlement.

There was a brief scuffle involving a woman in a wheelchair, resulting in her being taken away in an ambulance. Bystanders say the woman fell from her wheelchair voluntarily then complained that she had hurt her back.

Woman falls from her wheelchair at the Occupy Sydney protest camp. An ambulance is called for her. Photo: @robertovadia

This was the second raid in a week: the settlement had been reconstructed on Thursday morning after being removed for the first time on Wednesday night.

NSW Police and council workers had previously arrived at the site at around 7pm on Wednesday night.

Four trucks were on scene to remove objects from the site, including a large satellite dish.

FIRST ON 7: Council workers remove a large satelitte dish from the Occupy Sydney camp in Martin Place. Photo: 7News

The space has been occupied for almost 21 months.

Demonstrators set up the camp in October 2011 as part of a global movement that aims to challenge corporate greed.

A crowd gathered in Martin Place after the Occupy Sydney site was cleared at about 8 o'clock on Wednesday night. Photo: 7News

The protesters were relatively peaceful, with some continuing to wave flags as the camp was removed.

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