Sydney men cheat death as lightning hits shed they are standing in

Natasha Christian

Two Sydney mates have cheated death after lightning struck the shed they are standing in.

The lightning hit at Oyster Bay while the two friends were standing inside.

Nick and Daniel had only just decided not to take their boat out.

They described the whole thing as 'a shocking experience'.

Nick and Daniel were almost hit by lightning at Oyster Bay.

Nick told 7 News the pair 'jinxed' themselves before the strike, as they were running up and down a jetty wondering if they were going to get hit.

"We were contemplating the potential risk," he said.

"We felt the static".

The men were left terrified after lightning hit the shed.

The strike was one of thousands, which lit up the skies during powerful storms over Sydney on the weekend.

More than 50,000 homes and businesses were left without power.