Sydney man sells mother-in-law on eBay

Sydney man sells mother-in-law on eBay

FIRST ON 7: Mothers-in-law have always copped a bit of grief, but one man has taken it a step further and is auctioning his off on an online auction site.

While this may sound like a mean thing to do it was actually the mother-in-law’s idea.

Daniel Bush, of western Sydney, is doing what many men have dreamed of, but would never dare: he is selling his mother-in-law.

“You can only have her for seven days,” said Mr Bush.

“She cooks, cleans and comes with a dog. You have to have a single level home because she’s got a bit of a bung knee.”

He has put his fiancé’s mum, Thea Calleja, up for grabs on auction site eBay.

She is listed under used and admits she is not in mint condition, revealing: “I need a hip replacement and all that.”

Like any in-law relationship, the pair have had their disagreements. But it’s not bad blood which is behind the sale – in fact, quite the opposite.

Mr Bush needs the money after breaking both his ankles rockclimbing in the Blue Mountains and subsequently spending eight weeks in hospital.

“I just said ‘why don’t you sell me’, and he goes, ‘alright’, and he did it,” Mrs Calleja added.

However, she is not going anywhere, yet.

While a lot of weird things have been sold on eBay – such as a cornflake, glass or water and partially eaten sandwich, bidding is only up to $56 so far.

There are still six days of bidding remaining but Thea insists she needs a lot more money before she packs her bags.