Sheep run wild as Aussie man's battle for boot trademark turns ugg-ly

Ugg boots may have been invented in Australia but an American company owns the name and are suing a Sydney manufacturer for using it. 

A fight to take back ownership is underway, starting with a flock of sheep being let loose in California. 

It was a small protest outside the headquarters of an American company accused of fleecing Australia of part of its heritage. 

Deckers is suing Sydney businessman Eddie Oygur for selling Ugg boots after the US manufacturer was able to trademark the name overseas.

Eddie Oygur staged a protest outside the front of Deckers' California office.

“Ugg boots or the word 'Ugg' shouldn't be owned by a big corporation,” Mr Oygur told 7 News.

“It's a generic term in Australia, It should be owned by every small manufacturer in Australia.”

He is being supported in the US by South Australian senator Nick Xenophon.

“This small Aussie business, this Aussie battler, is facing ruin, because he is being sued in US courts that he has to defend,” Senator Xenophon added.

“Deckers have really been pulling the wool over the eyes of consumers and they've literally been trying to fleece Eddie.”

Mr Oygur has so far spent $600,000, and it could cost him up to $2 million but it’s a battle he says is worth it to bring the name 'Ugg' home.

The police were called and politely asked for the protest to end. 

The sheep had other ideas and took off.