WATCH: Ice addict assaults two officers in dramatic arrest

Evan Batten

Despite the offender getting off with a good behavior bond, Sydney officers involved in the violent arrest of an ice addict have praised the work of a police helicopter crew for helping guide in reinforcements.

As dramatic 7 News video shows, the offender was a big man, who wasn't going quietly.

He pulled a knife on a nurse, before she fled the home and called police.

As he goes for the knife, it takes three officers and a burst of capsicum spray to bring him down. Picture: 7 News

Cameras from a police helicopter recorded everything, as the man’s mother desperately tried to calm her drug-affected son.

As he went for the knife, it took three officers and a burst of capsicum spray to bring him down.

Finally, the 37-year-old was locked up before he could use the knife, but not before Senior Constable Daniel Gosden suffered a cut to his hand.

“The whole time you're worried about where the knife is, what's going to happen," Snr Const Godsen said.

Danny Bruce was arrested after pulling a knife on a nurse at his Sydney home. Picture: 7 News

Fellow officer Senior Constable Rebecca Sherwood described the difficult arrest.

“He was quite a big unit, and it took a number of police to subdue him on the ground."

They clearly needed back up - and with NSW Police Force Airwing overhead, re-enforcements were called in.

Danny Bruce (pictured) received a three year good behavior bond after assaulting two officers during the arrest. Picture: 7 News

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant said the police helicopter allowed officers more information to help during difficult pursuits.

"It's helping to protect police and the community as they're responding and give live information from an aerial view of what they're confronting," he said.

Despite the drama, Danny Bruce was given a three-year good behaviour bond for assaulting two police officers and resisting arrest.

Seven News asked Bruce for his take on the day, but the welfare recipient refused to speak without a cash payment.