Calls to ban violent football fans for life after A-League brawl in Adelaide

There are calls for soccer hooligans involved in violence to be banned for life after several brawls erupted between fans of Adelaide United and Sydney FC on their way to a match.

Two groups clashed in a wild brawl before Friday’s A-League game in Adelaide.

In a shocking video, the two sides throw wild punches at each other before hurling bottles.

The violence escalates with several flares set off, bringing traffic to a standstill and leaving members of the public shrouded in smoke.

The two groups brawl before Adelaide's home game against Sydney. Source: 7 News

A witness said there were “many people risking their lives their last night by being in that area”.

“We all hear about people being killed by a single punch,” the witness added.

“These guys were only intending on hurting someone.”

Someone lets off a flare on the street. Source: 7 News

The brawl has sparked calls for clubs to crackdown on members who behave badly. Victims’ Rights Commissioner Michael O’Connell echoed that sentiment.

“Those who incite violence or become actively involved in violence – they should be banned for life,” he said.

Sports Minister Leon Bignell said clubs need to “send the message out to those fans who are doing the wrong thing”.

A witness said the group were intending on hurting people. Source: 7 News

“Let them know this is unacceptable behaviour,” he said.

SA Police and the Football Federation of Australia are investigating.

Police and the Football Federation of Australia are investigating. Source: 7 News