Sydney dentist praised for heartwarming sign on front window

The heartwarming gesture of a Sydney dentist has won the praise of locals after he offered a generous service to people who can’t afford a checkup.

A sign erected on the window of Dr Magdy Armanious’ dental surgery in Dulwich Hill, in Sydney’s inner-west, welcomed those in pain, even if they had no money.

“If you are in pain and do not have money then please come in,” the sign, shared to a local community Facebook group read.

“You are welcome for a consultation free of charge and pain relief treatment.”

Dentist in Sydney who offered services to people in pain in the Inner West treatment for free.
The dentist was praised over his selfless offer. Source: Getty Images/Google Maps

More than 600 people indicated their admiration of the kind offer, and several commended the surgeon over the selfless proposal.

“Go Magdy, a fantastic dentist and wonderful man too,” one person wrote.

“This is awesome and should be shared - what a great human being,” another added.

“What a beautiful human! I hope people don’t take advantage,” a third person said.

One lady claimed the gesture was more than she received from the hospital where she gave birth via cesarean.

A woman who claimed to know the family said Dr Armanious’ wife also did “amazing charitable work”.

Sign in Dulwich Hill in Sydney on dentist surgery offering free services to people in pain with no money.
The sign welcomed people in pain who did "not have money" to come in for a consultation. Source: Facebook

“This kind of thing makes me really proud to be a member of the Dully community. Wonderful community spirit right there,” someone else said.

A lady said she wished she knew of the service earlier when her tooth had been “playing up”, and praised the doctor’s “amazing” work.

Another described it as “lovely” and indicated she would take up the offer as she was living “with teeth pain daily” and was not in a financial position to afford help.

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