Sydney diner 'shocked' after noticing $11.50 coffee on restaurant bill

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A Sydney man was left shocked after learning the price of a coffee he'd ordered at a popular Japanese restaurant on a recent visit.

At $11.50 for a regular latte, the man, who chose to remain anonymous, said it "must be Sydney’s priciest coffee."

The man and his wife were at Sokyo restaurant at The Star enjoying a nice meal for their 12th anniversary, and while they were "well aware it’s not a cheap restaurant," the coffee price still left him feeling stung.

"A coffee for $11.50 was a real shock and certainly I wouldn’t expect that anywhere in Sydney. It’s gross overcharging in my view," he told Yahoo News Australia.

Price of coffee on restaurant receipt in Sydney
The price of the coffee at the Sydney restaurant shocked the diner. Source: Supplied

"At first I didn’t spot the price for the coffee, I gave the bill a cursory glance and was relatively okay with the total cost given what we had ordered.

"When we got home and looked closely was when we spotted the coffee price. It's a little over the top."

On the receipt shared with Yahoo, two cocktails set the couple back $28, that's $14 each. While a glass of wine was priced at $18 a glass.

Food items they'd chosen started from $17, so naturally, $11.50 for a coffee to finish things off came as a surprise.

The diner noted they'd received a 20 per cent discount for being a casino member, so while they didn't pay full price, it was still an expensive affair at $10.20 for a coffee.

"I’ll certainly be contacting the restaurant to express my displeasure," he added.

Aussies fuming over soaring restaurant prices

The Sydney local is just one of many who've been left defeated over current restaurant prices with diners feeling the pinch of added surcharges and higher-than-normal menu prices.

Last week, a Brisbane diner questioned an unusual surcharge on a restaurant receipt after dining on the Sunshine Coast.

Inside Sokyo restaurant Sydney
Sokyo is a popular Japanese restaurant at The Star in Sydney. Source: TripAdvisor

He'd eaten at the Bavarian Bier Café in Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore and after receiving the bill, he noticed an additional five per cent "industry service charge".

Another furious diner hit out at a fancy Sydney bar after noticing a surcharge on his receipt and claims it was hidden.

The man visited Maybe Sammy in The Rocks — directly under the Harbour Bridge — and was shocked to learn that an extra $33.50 had been added to his order.

While surcharges are legal with restaurants and bars being able to charge whatever prices they choose, many Aussies agree it's becoming harder to enjoy eating out as the prices continue to rise.

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