Sweden police arrest suspected Islamists believed to prepare attack

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) -Swedish police on Thursday apprehended four people on suspicion of preparing a terrorist crime tied to violent Islamist extremism, the Sapo security service and prosecution agency said.

"We see links to serious organised crime and also international connections that we tie to the terrorist organisation Islamic State," a Sapo spokesperson told Reuters.

The spokesperson gave no further details about the suspected links to IS, the identity of the suspects or the nature of the alleged planned attack.

The arrests followed an extensive investigation of the case, police said in a statement. The arrests were made in the Stockholm area, the national prosecution service said separately.

Swedish media earlier on Thursday reported that a large number of police officers led by the security service had made the arrests in Tyreso, a southern suburb of the Swedish capital.

(Reporting by Anna Ringstrom, editing by Terje Solsvik)