Suspect with resemblance to Eminem delights internet

When a local police department asked social media users for help identifying a suspect, they certainly weren’t expecting the overwhelming response they received.

Yet the thousands of Facebook users who flocked to the department’s page were less interested in the man’s real identity, and instead his uncanny resemblance to one of the world’s most famous rappers.

The Rochester Police Department in New Hampshire, US, shared two images of the trespassing suspect on Friday however their post’s original purpose was completely lost in a matter of hours as the internet banded together to poke fun at the man’s likeness to Eminem.

“Will the real slim shady please fess up (sic),” one user wrote to the enjoyment of 50,000 others.

Facebook users were quick to point out the man had an uncanny resemblance to rapper Eminem. Source: Facebook/ Rochester Police Department

And the jokes didn’t end there, with hundreds more giving their best lines on the doppelgänger.

“UPDATE: Suspect narrowed down to three possible 1. Slim Shady 2. Marshall Matthers 3. Eminem,” another user said.

“He’s probably just going round the outside, round the outside,” another joked, quoting lyrics from Eminem’s track Without Me.

The post has since received over 74,000 comments and over 90,000 shares.

And despite the majority of comments making no attempt to assist police in their search, Rochester Police announced they had identified the suspect.

“The suspect has been identified, and we can confirm it is NOT Marshall Mathers.”

It’s not the first time a public Facebook plea for help in identifying a suspect has been swamped with jokes.

In February, Lancaster Police in the US were mocked for a simple witness sketch they were using to help find a suspect. However it turned out the drawing was in fact pretty accurate.