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Susanna Reid confesses last minute cover-up after revealing wardrobe crisis

The 52-year-old TV presenter admitted she had been forced to put on a brooch to prevent exposing herself on air.

Watch: Susanna Reid explains why she is wearing a brooch to protect her modesty

Susanna Reid has confessed she was forced to do a "last minute cover-up job" on her low cut dress, in a bid to protect her modesty.

The Good Morning Britain presenter explained to viewers of the ITV breakfast show on Wednesday 1 March why she was suddenly wearing a small round brooch across the chest of her red dress.

Reid, 52, said "I had a bit of an outfit, wardrobe crisis this morning.

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"I put an outfit on that seemed to blend into the background, so the director with two minutes to spare said, 'Is there anything else in your wardrobe?'

Susanna Reid hosts Good Morning Britain
Susanna Reid confessed she was wearing the brooch to protect her modesty. (ITV)

"So, at two minutes to six, nipped into the wardrobe, found this, didn’t realise it needed a bit more buttoning up..."

She thanked the wardrobe assistant who had come to her rescue at the last minute with the idea to pin the dress at the front.

Reid revealed: "It was wonderful Holly in wardrobe who managed to do a cover-up.

"So if you're wondering why this dress has suddenly acquired a brooch it was because it was a last minute cover-up job. Well done Holly!"

Co-host Ed Balls first drew attention to the wardrobe malfunction saying: "It’s amazing what you can do, in terms of activity in an outfit, and still manage to emerge serene. I think it's a very nice brooch you're wearing."

He added: "I’ve never ever read a news headline from the autocue while simultaneously trying to unzip you from the back! There was a team of eight, perhaps 12!"

Reid said: "There wasn’t a team of eight! A team of one! Wonderful Holly!"

She later added on social media "All hail the mazing styling team. The wardrobe department are a huge part of the success of tv programmes and deserve massive credit for their skills."

The TV presenter previously revealed she had made a last minute outfit change back in 2019 when she realised her dress was see-through just before she was about to go on air.

And she suffered a wardrobe malfunction on air in 2020 when her microphone kept slipping on her satin dress.

Susanna Reid confessed on stage at the TRIC Awards that her dress had popped open. (Getty Images)
Susanna Reid confessed on stage at the TRIC Awards that her dress had popped open. (Getty Images)

Fiddling with her outfit she told viewers: "I'm getting all tied up with my microphone, sorry!" I'm being attacked by technology, "

She told her Twitter followers: “Just before 6am I thought the red dress was a little transparent.”

At the TRIC industry awards in 2022 she appeared on stage to accept the Multi-Channel News award for GMB wearing a fitted white dress which buttoned at the front telling the audience: “If you’re wondering why I’m holding onto my dress, I’ve just popped a button!”

Susanna Reid confessed on stage at the TRIC Awards that her dress had popped open. (Getty Images)
Susanna Reid confessed on stage at the TRIC Awards that her dress had popped open. (Getty Images)

Reid later shared on Instagram how the pink and grey cheque dress she was originally wearing before the show went on air at 6am had looked too similar to the picture of the London skyline behind the GMB desk.

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