Surprising side effect after man undergoes hip reconstruction

Doctors have made a somewhat unusual discovery after assessing a man who dislocated his hip.

The man, 65, from Los Angeles, had undergone a total reconstruction of both his hips before a fall led to him dislocating his right hip, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr Leanne Wise, of the University of Southern California, wrote he had no other injuries after his fall.

A man smiles in a hospital bed as doctors use a Doppler device on his leg.
At least the patient found it amusing. Source: NEJM

Doctors used a Doppler ultrasound device to check pulses in his feet.

“When the probe was placed on the dorsalis pedis of either foot, music could be heard from the device speaker in addition to the pulse,” Dr Wise wrote.

“This outcome occurred each time that the dorsalis pedis pulse was assessed in either foot and persisted when other handheld Doppler devices were used.

“The same Doppler devices did not receive music when used on hospital staff members.”

Man playing music from his legs

Not that the patient seemed bothered by the music though. Video uploaded by NEJM shows the man smiling as music plays from his legs.

Staff believe he may have picked up a radio transmission. It’s possible other equipment in the room could have also picked it up.

No faulty equipment was found though.

As for the man, he suffered no further falls or complications eight months after his release.

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