Surgeons remove beach ball-sized growth from woman in incredible operation

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A woman complaining of severe pain has had a massive 25kg tumour removed.

The patient at City Clinical Hospital in Moscow was admitted to its gynaecology department on August 23.

After examining her doctors determined she had a large ovarian tumour.

Doctors at a Moscow hospital work to remove a 25kg ovarian tumour from a woman's body.
Doctors at City Clinical Hospital in Moscow remove an ovarian tumour weighing 25kg. Source: Facebook/ City Clinical Hospital

Video uploaded to the hospital’s Facebook shows Dr Dmitry Gennadyevich Aryutin removing the enormous growth.

It takes several surgeons to remove the tumour - one holds it as others cut it out of the patient.

It’s removed and a doctor triumphantly dumps the beach ball-sized growth into a bin.

A doctor at City Clinical Hospital in Moscow carries away a 25kg ovarian tumour before pumping his fists in triumph.
The tumour is removed as a doctor celebrates the successful surgery. Source: Facebook/ City Clinical Hospital

The hospital added the tumour wasn’t entirely “unique” after removing a 4.5kg growth from a uterus earlier.

“Our surgeons often encounter such large tumours,” the hospital said.

The reason is that people neglect the need for medical help for far too long, doctors said.

The woman in the video is said to be fine and recovering.

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