Surfer's close call with shark

Tourist Frits deBruyn was on a caravan holiday in WA’s south coast when he made an unforgettable stop at Westies Beach in Esperance.

It was an unseasonably warm day on Sunday, September 21 and the beach was packed with swimmers and surfers.

The summery fun was abruptly halted when a shark, thought to be a 3m great white, was spotted close to surfers.

As people scrambled out of the water, Mr deBruyn, from Tasmania, took these amazing photographs.

The surfer first see's the shark in the water. Pictures: Frits deBruyn

“All spectators called loudly and pressed car horns for the swimmers and surfers to get out of the water. This one surfer decided not to! It was very surreal and very memorable,” he said.

Surfer Andy Johnston later told the Esperance Express he did not think the shark posed a threat at the time.

Only 11 days later, surfer Sean Pollard was attacked by a great white, which bite off his hand and his other arm from just below the elbow.

Mr Pollard was bitten at Wylies Bay on October 2 and managed to paddle back to shore despite his injuries.

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