Supreme Court adds 2 opinion days with high-profile cases outstanding

The Supreme Court announced it expects to release opinions on two more days this week as its blockbuster term nears an end.

After previously announcing the court would hand down opinions Wednesday, the court’s website has been updated to add Thursday and Friday as opinion days as well.

Supreme Court justices generally try to finish their work by the end of June, though with 14 argued cases outstanding, it remains possible their final opinions will spill over into early next week.

The justices have yet to decide many of their high-profile cases this term, including ones implicating emergency abortion care, social media and former President Trump’s criminal immunity claims.

Trump is set to debate President Biden on Thursday night, meaning the court’s decision on his immunity defense against federal election subversion charges could land near the time of the high-stakes faceoff.

Other remaining cases include multiple that could scale back the so-called administrative state. One could upend a 40-year-old precedent giving federal agencies broad authority, while the other is a constitutional challenge to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s in-house enforcement system.

The justices also are mulling the constitutionality of laws preventing homeless people from sleeping on public property and a separate case that could shake up more than 300 Jan. 6 defendants’ criminal charges.

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