Sununu says he’ll support Trump, but stands by past criticism

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said during a Thursday interview he would support former President Trump as the GOP nominee but was unapologetic about his past criticism of Trump.

Speaking with WMUR’s Adam Sexton, Sununu was asked if it is safe to assume he would be an enthusiastic supporter of Trump heading into November as the 2024 White House race is set to be a rematch between him and President Biden.

Sununu had endorsed Trump rival and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in the GOP primary, but she dropped out Wednesday.

“I’m going to support the ticket. I’m going to support Donald Trump, but my focus is definitely going to be here in the state,” he said.

Sexton noted that Sununu previously called Trump, 77, a “loser” and jabbed him about his age.

“Look, I don’t take any of that back, to be sure,” Sununu said. “But again, understand this is an alternative. I mean, the alternative is Biden. And I think where folks are seeing a lack of management, a lack of understanding what’s happening with immigration, a lack of fiscal responsibility.”

The four-term New Hampshire governor, who’s not running for reelection this fall, previously said he would back Trump if he were the eventual Republican nominee, but he has been a vocal critic of the former president.

“Chris Sununu said it himself: Donald Trump is a crazy a**hole and a soon-to-be four-time loser who can’t beat President Biden,” said Alex Floyd, rapid response director for the Democratic National Committee, in a statement. “Sununu called Trump a coward and the definition of extremism who can barely keep a cogent thought. And above all else, Sununu was right about one thing: Trump will lead to Republican losses up and down the ballot in November.”

Sununu campaigned with Haley in the Granite State — seen as the former South Carolina governor’s best chance at beating Trump or keeping the margin against him narrow. But Trump ultimately beat Haley by 11 points, and she later went on to lose her home state and many others.

Haley, however, won the Republican nominating contests in Washington, D.C., and Vermont.

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