Sunshine Coast mum dies while giving birth to daughter: 'Devastated'

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A Sunshine Coast yoga teacher has tragically died after giving birth to her third daughter at 41 weeks of pregnancy.

Lauren Verona, the founder of Zenko Yoga in Noosa and Maroochydore, lost her life due to complications associated with childbirth, according to a message posted on her Instagram page.

“We are devastated, on behalf of Ryan, Allira, Evie and their families, to let you know that our beloved, inspiring, shining light Lauren passed away due to complications after giving birth to her beautiful, healthy, thriving baby girl, Lucinda Lauren Elizabeth Gaylard,” it said.

News of Lauren's death came just nine days after the passing of 42-year-old's best friend, Kim Mastrowicz, who Lauren described as her
News of Lauren's death came just nine days after the passing of 42-year-old's best friend, Kim Mastrowicz, who Lauren described as her "angel and best friend of 22 years". Source; Instagram

“This unfathomable loss is felt deeply by all of us that are part of her teaching team, by her family, her friends and we know it will be by all who came to know her. Lauren has touched and changed more lives than anyone can comprehend.”

“In this time of darkness, we still have a shining light, not only in Lucinda, but also those who she leaves behind, especially Ryan and her daughters.”

'Trusting the higher plan': Mum's last posts before tragedy

News of Ms Verona’s death came just five days after the 42-year-old wrote about “divine timing” on her social media account, where she detailed her struggle with pregnancy.

“These last few weeks and months if I’m honest have been very challenging with the countless pregnancy complications I’ve had,” she said.

“But I hear my own children say ‘divine timing’ when anyone asks when the baby is coming out. I love that they get it.

“So here we are at 41 weeks pregnant trusting the higher plan.”

Ms Verona had previously detailed her pregnancy journey on social media, describing “intensive pelvic girdle pain I can’t express into words” and having had a low lying placenta.

On May 6, after a 36 week scan, she wrote on Instagram that her obstetrician, who was about to convince her to have a caesarean section, told her she was free to go home and birth naturally.

Ms Verona had only married her husband, Ryan, in February this year after vowing never to “partner again or birth another child”.

“Now [I] find myself happily married to my soul mate and carrying our child,” she wrote at 33 weeks of pregnancy.

“I count my blessings each day to be pregnant when I truly never saw this coming.”

Beloved mum had lost best friend just days before her own death

In what is a double tragedy for her family and friends, news of Ms Verona’s death came just nine days after the mother-of-three lost her best friend of 22 years, Kim Mastrowicz, to breast cancer.

“I’ve had a few days grieving the loss of my best friend and again, wondering why this week, why now, why couldn’t she hold out to meet my baby,” Ms Verona wrote on Instagram.

“But again, I’m trusting of the divine timing and trusting that Kim and my babe are perhaps spending some quality time together.”

Zenko Yoga opened on Friday for members and friends to pay their respects, light a candle and "to be held in the energy that Lauren created".

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