Sunrise host loses it over live cross fail: 'They've had enough'

A reporter's live cross on breakfast TV on Thursday was interrupted when a car intercepted the shot, sending Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew into a fit of laughter on air.

Chanel Seven reporter Nathan Currie was reporting out of the Melbourne suburb of Highett where the council has splashed more than $85,000 on a sculpture of oranges, but he was barely a few words into his report when he was forced to stop.

Sunrise Edwina Bartholomew during a live cross on morning TV.
Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew in hysterics after a live cross fail on morning TV. Source: Sunrise

The Sunrise host crossed to Currie from the studio who began to express some residents' concerns. The reporter said the pricey sculpture is "driving a wedge into the community" [pun intended], with some suggesting the money could have been better spent.

The reporter begins to interview a resident named Andy about his thoughts on the matter, but mid-conversation a car pulls up in front, blocking their view. Thinking on his feet, the reporter attempts to get back into the frame, but the vehicle quickly drives off again. "The locals have had enough, the locals have had enough," he jokes. "They don't want anyone seeing these oranges." Bartholomew erupts into laughter as the interview continues after a minor interruption.

Following the chat, Bartholomew adds to the joke. "I feel like that was a council vehicle that just parked itself right in front of the shot," she said. Show host Natalie Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch appear to laugh as well.

Residents slam sculpture: 'Waste of money'

The controversial sculpture at Peterson Reserve, designed by artist Carla Gottgens, was supposed to bring "vibrancy and interactivity" to public spaces, Bayside Mayor Alex del Porto reportedly said. But the pricey venture has outraged taxpayers and community groups, the Herald Sun reports. Bayside council reportedly allocates $100,000 each year to commission public artwork, and this year the fruity sculpture cost a juicy $85,000.

A car pulled up in front of the camera and block the view. Source: Sunrise
A car pulled up in front of the camera and block the view. Source: Sunrise

One resident told the publication it's a "waste of money and argued the council "needs to focus on the important issues and give money to local sports clubs in need of new facilities". Ratepayers Victoria spokesman Dean Hurlston agreed and said the council’s spend was an "exorbitant" and "disgusting" waste of ratepayers’ money.

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