This Summer-Ready Ninja Cooler Includes a Game-Changing Zone Drawer

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Ninja.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Ninja.

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Every once in a while, a new product comes around that makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Such is the case with the newly launched Ninja FrostVault Cooler—a first-of-its-kind cooler that features a ‘dry zone’ drawer that’ll change how you keep things cold. If your summer itinerary is filled with road trips, backyard barbecues, beach getaways, and other warm-weather adventures, you’re going to need a top-tier cooler that can handle anything you throw at it (and in it).

But just how well does the Ninja FrostVault Cooler stand out among the endless other options out there? We tested the new cooler, so you don’t have to. Read our thoughts on the Ninja FrostVault cooler below.

The Zone Drawer Is a Game-Changer

The major selling point of the Ninja FrostVault Cooler, which comes in a 30-quart and 50-quart size, is the ‘dry zone.’ You won’t realize how much you need this nifty feature until you start using it, and then you’ll never settle for less.

The dry zone is a separate drawer compartment in the cooler that keeps your food cold without having to pack anything on top of ice. In other words, no more dealing with soggy, oversaturated foods or cross-contamination fears, especially if you’re lugging around uncooked meat for a cookout or barbecue. This dry cooling zone keeps your food and provisions separate from the plentiful ice storage above, with food-safe temperatures under 40 degrees.

Ninja FrostVault Cooler Review

For a test drive, I packed my Ninja FrostVault Cooler up with plenty of snacks and sandwiches for a recent pool day, and the usefulness of this feature was great for everyone, from the adults to the kids. Not only was I able to keep my food separated from my drinks (seriously, why did we ever design coolers that way?), but I packed plenty of food for six people with room to spare that stayed cool the whole blistering hot day. No more having to lift the latches and the lid of a bulky cooler every time I needed something; just slide open this drawer, and you can grab and go with exactly what you need, with no icy mess or spills to speak of.

If you’re someone who is on the hunt for great organization hacks, you’ll cherish packing exactly what you need in one space without having to dig through frigid piles of ice.

It’s Sturdy and Sizable

This hard shell cooler makes a great cooling companion wherever you’re headed, whether that’s a tailgate party for the upcoming football season or a long road trip a few states away. If you prefer a durable, long-lasting cooler that can handle it all, including a few accidental drops or spills, you’re in good hands with the Ninja FrostVault Cooler.

You can choose your needed size depending on your demands, either the $200 30-quart or the $250 50-quart size, with up to three inches of insulation that will keep your drinks and cuisine cool. If you’re wondering exactly what each cooler can hold, the 30-quart size holds up to 48 cans without ice, whereas the 50-quart size holds up to 80 cans.

Ninja FrostVault Cooler Review

On the flip side, my only struggle with these super sturdy coolers is also how bulky and heavy they are. Because the Ninja FrostVault Coolers don’t feature wheels, you will probably need the assistance of another to carry a well-packed cooler if you hope to transport it from place to place successfully. And lugging this thing around walking on the beach or any long distance is no joke.

My hope is that with a redesign or relaunch down the road, the brand will add wheels to make it more transportable overall. This is something to keep in mind if you’re ever feeling ambitious about carrying one of these around solo.

The Temperature Retention Is No Joke

Another plus of the Ninja FrostVault Cooler is how well it keeps everything at food-safe temperatures for days. If you need a cooler for emergency situations or power outages (hurricane season is just around the corner, after all), this is a great backup option.

I used it during a recent storm in Houston, Texas, that left my home without power for a couple of days, and the cooler definitely came in handy when I needed to store cold-temp necessities like milk and meat.

Ninja FrostVault Cooler Review

Even after having my food and drinks stored in this cooler for two days packed full, I noticed hardly any condensation or ice sweating, and the dry zone was keeping my emergency food stash as cold as my refrigerator would.

Though I hope I won’t have to utilize this cooler as an emergency backup all that often, its reliability and cold temperature retention are superior to those of brands like Yeti.

You’re Getting a Bang for Your Buck

Speaking of Yeti, what makes the Ninja FrostVault Cooler such a remarkable new product is the quality you’re getting for the price you’re paying. Competitive, name-brand companies sell comparable, colorful coolers for more, and the cooling results are essentially the same. You can price shop the Ninja FrostVault Cooler and compare it to other brands, but even if you do, you’ll still have to compromise the dry zone, which is something I certainly wouldn’t miss out on after using it.

I only wish the cooler came in more fun colors than white, gray, and black, but this is the first iteration of the product. Perhaps more fun, summer-inspiring colorways are to come in the future.

Pros and Cons


  • The “how did I ever live without this” dry zone that keeps your foods separate, cool, and cross-contamination-free.

  • It’s a cooler that will keep your goods super organized. No more sifting through frigid ice to find what you need.

  • You’re getting a bang for your buck compared to other reputable brands.


  • It’s a heavy, hard-to-carry cooler without wheels.

  • We wish it came in more fun colors.

Our Final Thoughts

The Ninja FrostVault Cooler is truly a first-of-its-kind product that is likely to change how coolers are designed for the foreseeable future. The addition of the dry zone and the temperature retention make this piece an essential summer item on our list. If you’re interested in snagging one of these coolers, we suggest acting fast.

Ninja FrostVault Cooler

Ninja FrostVault Cooler Review

The Ninja FrostVault Cooler, which launched in March, just restocked after a quick sell-out.

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