Sugar viewers react to ‘most insane twist ever’ after ‘wild’ Colin Farrell reveal

Sugar viewers react to ‘most insane twist ever’ after ‘wild’ Colin Farrell reveal

Apple TV+ viewers are convinced the biggest twist in film and TV history has just landed.

For weeks now, those tuning in to mystery detective series Sugar, starring Colin Farrell, have been pre-empting some form of revelation related to the character.

The series, which was billed as “a genre-bending contemporary take on the private detective story set in Los Angeles”, follows Farrell’s John Sugar as he investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl.

As Sugar has navigated his way through the case, there have been several hints that something strange was afoot, and that, when it comes to Sugar, not all has been as it seems.

Reviews of the show from critics, who were shown all eight episodes before the series was released, corroborated this belief, revealing that a “wild” late-season twist shakes things up.

Viewers had been waiting to find out exactly what this twist was – but it arrived in the sixth instalment, which was released on Friday (3 May).

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

Colin Farrell in ‘Sugar’ (Apple TV+)
Colin Farrell in ‘Sugar’ (Apple TV+)

It is revealed in the closing moments of the episode that Sugar is, in fact, an alien. Sugar is shown injecting himself with a syringe, which reverses his ability to shapeshift.

This is the first time viewers see Sugar as he really is – a blue extra-terrestrial from outer space, who looks very much like Karen Gillan’s Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Why exactly an alien has been sent to Los Angeles to become a private investigator remains to be seen, but viewers were left stunned by the revelation – and have been reacting accordingly on social media.

“If you’re watching Sugar on Apple TV…. you guys are not prepared for The Twist that will happen this week,” one social media user wrote, adding: “Easily one of the most insane f***ing things I’ve ever seen happen on a TV show before.”

The ‘wild’ twist in ‘Sugar’ (Apple TV+)
The ‘wild’ twist in ‘Sugar’ (Apple TV+)

Another viewer agreed: “Been watching Sugar on Apple TV and the twist in the latest episode is f***ing insane. The show is described as a genre-bending story and now I know why.”

One person said, “I did NOT see that twist coming,” while another viewer added that the reveal left them “cackling”.

Sugar is available to stream on Apple TV+.