Succession fan proposes mind-blowing theory about Tom coming out on top

Succession fan proposes mind-blowing theory about Tom coming out on top

With Succession’s long-awaited series finale just around the corner, fans have been scrambling to put together their tightest, most reliable theories predicting which player will come out on top.

While many have argued for Roman (Kieran Culkin), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) or Shiv (Sarah Snook) triumphing, less has been said about a potential Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) win.

However, in a new TikTok video, baby name website Nameberry has proposed a mind-blowing exposition for why dark horse Tom could stick the landing – and it’s all comes down to etymology.

“If you watch Succession, you may have noticed that many of the names are very, very intentional,” the TikTok user begins, explaining that Siobhan’s nickname Shiv “can also refer to a knife”.

“The family’s surname, Roy, literally means king,” she adds. “Typically, TV writers use relatively common surnames for their characters.

“So always pay attention when there’s a highly unusual surname on a TV show,” she suggests. “On Succession, that surname, of course, is Wambsgans.”

She explains that “Wambsgans is a very rare German surname”, and if broken down, means “goose with the big belly”.

Yet, this is all just background information, she claims and “none of it relates to who Tom is as a character”.

Instead, she argues that “the real reason he was given the last name Wambsgans” is in reference to Bill Wambsganss, a Major League Baseball player who played during the 20th century.

“He’s remembered for one thing, and that is completing the only unassisted triple play in World Series history. He took out three players at once in what is essentially the finale of baseball,” she says.

“It’s no coincidence that Tom shares a surname with Bill Wambsganss, so you have to wonder if Tom will complete an unassisted triple play and take out all three of the Roy siblings to become the leader of Waystar RoyCo in the Succession series finale.”

Several fans responded to the “mind-blowing” theory with intrigue.

“I think this is spot on considering the nail in the coffin for Tom and Shiv was Tom usurping the siblings at their mother’s wedding!” one tweeted.

“It makes sense,” a second concurred, with another adding: “My jaw dropped.”

Succession finale theory based on etymology and baseball?” another questioned. “I’m so in.”

Others, however, couldn’t get on board, arguing that a Tom win would be too similar to what happened last season.

“He already fulfilled this in season three’s ending (supermajority),” a fan commented.

“This was literally the ending to season three it ain’t happening again,” another wrote.

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Succession concludes Sunday 28 May on HBO in the US, and Monday 29 May on Sky Atlantic and Now.