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Students suspended over muck-up day antics

Students suspended over muck-up day antics

A Melbourne private school has suspended around 50 year 12 students for their involvement in an end-of-year pub crawl.

St Bernard's Catholic Secondary College has confirmed a group of boys has been banned from the last two days of classes following the drinking spree, Fairfax reports.

It is understood school leavers had been warned not to take part in a pub crawl as part of the school's muck-up day celebrations.

But many went ahead with the binge-drinking session in Sydney Road, Brunswick, on Tuesday night regardless.

The school's principal Tony Paatsch told Fairfax Radio pupils were advised of consequences if they participated in a pub crawl.

It is understood a pub crawl organised by last year's graduating year 12 students turned wild.

"Early in the year and again at the end of term three we met with all parents and students and made our expectations quite clear that such an event was not to take place," Mr Paatsch told Fairfax Radio.

"Having been made aware that approximately 50 boys were involved we reluctantly took the decision to suspend them for the final two days of classes."

The pub crawl has become a tradition among the pupils in recent years to mark the end of their schooling.

Mr Paatsch says the pupils came to no harm, but he is determined to change the culture around end-of-year celebrations.

"It's primarily about safety but we have to acknowledge the reputation of the college is also a significant, though secondary, consideration," he said.

"I think it's fair to say that all schools like this have real concerns about our ability to keep students safe at the end of the year.

"We've been on the front foot about challenging that kind of culture that says ... the end of secondary school must by necessity be celebrated by something like a pub crawl."

It is understood the suspension comes to an end at 3pm today, allowing students to attend a graduation mass.