Student fights for life after falling from campus bell tower trying to take photos

A young student has suffered critical injuries after she fell while climbing her university’s bell tower to take photos at the top.

Sydney Paige Monfries, 22, was with friends at Fordham University in New York, US, when they decided to take photos of the city’s skyline at the top of bell tower about 3am on Sunday, the New York Post reports.

She accidentally fell 12 metres to the ground below.

Sydney Monfries suffered critical injuries in the fall. Source: Facebook/ Sydney Monfries

Emergency services rushed to the scene, where paramedics treated Ms Monfries.

She suffered severe head injuries and extensive damage to vital organs and her pelvis. She remains in an “extremely critical” condition at a nearby hospital in the Bronx.

Students told the New York Post that it is often a “rite of passage” for students to scale the bell tower and take photos of the surrounding area at the top.

The bell tower on the university’s campus. Source: Facebook/ Fordham University
The student was reportedly en route to take photos of New York’s skyline. Source: Facebook/ Sydney Monfries

“I heard they were just getting a better view of the city,” one student said.

“I think they were posting on Instagram when it happened.”

A university spokesman said the tower was locked at all times and investigations were underway as to how the students gained access.

However, one student told the publication the tower often remained unlocked at night during periods of renovation or cleaning.

The university informed students of the incident via email on Sunday.

Ms Monfries’ fall came just hours before an open day for prospective students was due to commence.

In January, another student fell to their death while taking a selfie in Ireland.

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