Student dies taking a photo on dream trip to Bali with friends

A student has drowned at sea while on a dream winter break with her two best friends in Bali.

Avelina Nazarova, 22, was with her two friends Albina Ahmetgalieva and Karina Kurbanova at Pasut Beach when on February 19, despite dangerous swell, she entered the water to take a photo.

The current was stronger than she expected and Ms Nazarova, from Russia, was dragged out to sea and unable to get back.

Avelina Nazarova died at a Bali beach after being swept out to sea. Source: CEN/australscope

A 31-year-old man, identified as Ivan, who accompanied the three friends to the beach that day, waded into the water to help Ms Nazarova and nearly died in the process, according to local media.

Ms Nazarova’s friend Karina Kurbanova, 22, said she went out of view and seemed to be “swallowed by a big wave”. Ivan said she was screaming for help and was losing her breath.

“He tried to rescue her, but the waves were too strong and he was dragged further out,” Ms Kurbanova said.

“When he reached her, she was already unconscious. He had also swallowed a lot of water and barely managed to get back to shore. We carried out CPR on Avelina, but it was already too late.”

Avelina Nazarova, pictured, was said to be a strong swimmer, but her strength proved no match for the current at Pasut Beach. Source: CEN/australscope

Local media said it would cost the victim’s parents $9,000 to fly her corpse back to Russia. It is unclear whether the fee will be covered by insurance.

Just hours before the tragic incident one of her friends shared a photo from the night beforehand with the message: “Looking into our carefree future with my ladies. Love you to bits, thank you for being part of my life.”

Ms Nazarova, who was born in the city of Kazan in the western Russian republic of Tatarstan, and her friends visited the beach, which is notorious for its black sand, in the hope of getting some nice photos.

Avelina Nazarova (left), Albina Ahmetgalieva and Karina Kurbanova were holidaying in Bali at the time of the incident. Source: CEN/australscope

Indonesia one of the most dangerous for Aussies

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Consular State of Play 2018-19 report, Indonesia was the most popular destination for Australians.

It’s also one of the top five countries for hospitalisation cases.

In 2018-19, 178 Australians were hospitalised in Thailand, followed by 141 in Thailand, 88 in New Caledonia, 85 in the US and 68 in Vietnam.

It is also one of the most common tourist spots for deaths, with 104 recorded during 2018-19.

The report said 158 deaths of Australians overseas were caused by accidents.


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