Stroke victim to be reunited with family

Amelia Mulcahy, 7News Adelaide

A stroke victim has claimed a small victory after the South Australian Government promised to help reunite him with his young family.

Anthony Fox has spent the past six months in hospital after suffering a stroke and advocates say his plight is all too familiar.

Tuesday night was the first time he had been able to watch his seven-year-old daughter’s basketball game.

It has kept him going the whole week, because he has been a hour’s drive away from his family for six months.

“It’s very frustrating, I should be at home, it’s killing me inside,” Mr Fox told 7news.

In September, the 37-year-old suffered a stroke.

After spending time in intensive care at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, he was shifted to Hampstead for rehabilitation.

Anthony Fox during his time in the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. Photo: Sally Fox.
Anthony Fox during his time in the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre. Photo: Sally Fox.

Now, doctors say he can continue his recovery at home, but his request to Disability SA for a carer to provide extra help for 16 hours a week was rejected.

“Unfortunately at this stage there’s no funding for us, so we need to stay in the hospital until we can get help at home,” Anthony’s wife Sally said.

The State Government has acknowledged the transition for the disabled from hospital to home could be improved, and it is currently working on a solution for Mr Fox and his family.

“We should be able to provide that support in the home as soon as possible, hopefully in the next few days,” Disabilities Minister Tony Piccolo said.

Dignity for Disability MP Kelly Vincent said: “Economically it makes no sense to keep someone in a hospital bed, 24 hours a day, rather than give them a few hours a day of support that they need to get on with their lives.”