‘Straya alert: Pet snake goes for a ‘creek swim’ with besotted owner on Gold Coast

Caity Stone

Well this is unusual… while most people prefer to take their dog out for a walk, a man has been captured on the Gold Coast taking his 'pet snake for a swim' in public.

In a very Australian moment the man gently throwing his pet snake with one hand into the water and carefully nursing a VB tallie (or a longie) in the other.

In other words, the perfect way to spend a lazy Australian Sunday afternoon cooling off and chilling out at the beach.

The ‘snake gate’ incident occurred at Tallebudgera Creek, a popular swimming spot for both tourists and locals to take their kids to on the Gold Coast.

The man in the short clip posted to social media throws the snake before it happily swims back to him. Source: Instagram/indy.bones/wakanphoenix

The man in the hilarious footage repeatedly throws the snake in the water and waiting for the slithering reptile to swim directly back to him.

The unfazed reptile involved in the game of 'snake and throw' is believed to be a carpet python.

At the end of the short clip the man appears to pick up his beloved pet up and hold the reptile high into the air before the pair appear to ‘kiss and snake up’.

Bringing his friend in for a loving embrace. The man appears to plant a kiss on the snake. Source:Instagram/indy.bones/wakanphoenix

The classic clip was captured by aspiring rocker and Brisbane resident Indiana Bones who was down for the day at the beach with his fellow band mate Matt Itzstein.

“My Dad keeps snakes and I’ve never seen anyone at the beach with one, dancing around, kissing one,” Bones told Yahoo7.

When asked his reaction to the bizarre act he said: “I was impressed. I was flat out impressed. We thought we were rock n roll, spending the day on the beach, but this guy was drinking a beer, with his snake out in public."

Indiana Bones, the man who uploaded the clip is member of a rock & roll blues band, Wakan Phoenix. Source:Instagram/indy.bones/wakanphoenix

When asked the public's reaction on the popular beach Bones told Yahoo7: “There was definitely a split down the middle. There was a lot of families down at Telly. The kids were intrigued and excited that this guy had a pet snake but the parents were not impressed.”

“There was one woman screaming the whole time to get out of the water,” Bones laughed.

"He approached us. He came over and showed us his pet snake. He seemed like a pretty social guy," Bones added.

Snakes aren't always as calm as the swimming carpet python. Some have been known to be rather feisty and aggressive.

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