Straya alert: Grand final soccer game interrupted by 'offside' koala

Mel Buttigieg

A soccer final on Queensland's Sunshine Coast was rudely interrupted by a koala with a thirst for a piece of the action, who ran onto the pitch mid game.

The moment was captured on video and posted to Facebook by a spectator, Maneena Roberts, who was watching the drama unfold during the Friday night match between the Woombye Snakes and Kawana Force, in the division three men's grand final.

A soccer player escorted the 'extra player' off the field at Noosa. Pictures: Maneena Roberts

The marsupial was escorted off the grounds by a Kawana player, who needed to give the fur-ball a nudge to move it along.

The koala insisted it should be part of the team and kept trying to come back on to the field.

Soccer fans insisted the animal was "offside" before it was placed over the fence. The pitch invasions even required an official to stand guard to prevent it from coming back.

The koala was placed behind the sports ground fence to prevent it coming back into the game. Pictures: Facebook/Noosa Lions Football Club

Players admitted it was difficult to concentrate on the "fiercely competitive game" with their thoughts on what the furry critter was up to.

After the game went into extra time, Kawana won the final with a penalty shoot out.