Strawberry giant invests in Pemberton

Strawberry grower Anthony Yewers’ investment in the Warren Blackwood region has created a year-round supply for Coles.

Berry Sweet owner Mr Yewers recently bought a property at Pemberton and said confidence in his business had encouraged him to expand.

Previously he was able to supply the supermarket chain for up to nine months a year.

He said working with his parents — who also grew berries — as a child spurred his interest in agriculture.

Mr Yewers took over the farm when his mum fell ill and his dad worked away on oil fields.

“I never went back to school and here we are 25 years later,” he said.

When Mr Yewers took over the farm, it was one of the smallest berry growers in Western Australia.

“I think we’re the biggest now,” he said.

The business produces 250,000 trays of fruit a year, with produce shipped throughout Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.

Over time Mr Yewers has faced many challenges.

“It’s a 24-hour job. You’re always thinking about it — you’re always out there looking and walking the fields and looking again,” he said.