Mum shocked by find in box of nappies from Woolworths

A Brisbane mum stocking up on supplies for her 10-week-old baby made a surprising find inside a box of nappies.

Writing on her Facebook page on Tuesday, the woman said she was “trying to catch up on the mountains of housework” when she opened a new carton of nappies.

Awaiting inside was a touching surprise from a stranger – a $5 note and a kind letter.

Pictured id a $5 note and kind message left in a random Woolworths box of nappies a Brisbane mum found.
A stranger left this $5 note and kind message in a box of Woolworths nappies. Source: Facebook

“I had opened up a new carton of nappies bought from Alexandra Hills Woolworths on the weekend and found this note and $5!!!” the mum wrote.

She posted a picture of the $5 and the printed letter, which asked the recipient to “practice some self-care” and reminded her that she is “amazing”.

“To the kind person that has done this thank you!! It is such a wonderful gesture and certainly brought a smile to my face,” the mum wrote.

The Queensland woman said she would heed the generous stranger’s advice and treat herself to a coffee or a scratchy soon.

She also shared the picture of the “kind gesture” to the Woolworths Facebook page in the hopes the kind stranger might come across it and note her thanks.

“Made my day and so glad to see there are still kind people out in the world,” she wrote.

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