Stormzy and Maya Jama celebrate launch of House Party London club experience

Maya Jama and Stormzy at House Party (House Party)
Maya Jama and Stormzy at House Party (House Party)

Anyone who has ever lamented the lack of house parties nowadays can breathe a sigh of relief – there’s a new immersive event in Soho that’s hoping to bring back the fun of a big, homely bash without any need to do any of the cleaning up afterwards.

House Party is a new concept from artist Stormzy and events collective The Cream Group, which has transformed a central London venue into a classic family home, complete with a kitchen, a basement, bedrooms, bathrooms and a roof terrace.

At the launch night on Thursday (6 June), guests were greeted with red cups at the door before being fully transported to a bustling house party, featuring characters such as nosey Dad, an eccentric Nana and a smiley, mellowed-out cousin who is most comfortable in camping out in a smoky room.

Talking about his vision for the concept ahead of the launch, Stormzy said: “I’ve always loved the energy of a classic house party – it’s where the best memories are made. We wanted to create a nostalgic experience where everyone is welcome, and no two nights are the same.

“We all know everyone wants to go to a house party, nobody really wants to host one – and this is exactly what this house is for.”

Along with the “Hide and Seek” rapper as the guest of honour, Maya Jama was also a main feature on the dancefloor, as well as comedian Munya Chawawa, presenter Jordan Stephens, singer Louise Redknapp and host Julie Adenuga.

Across seven floors, party guests can immerse themselves into many different dimensions of a good house rave – from karaoke in Mum and Dad’s bedroom, to tattoos in the bathroom, to a tucked away lounge room where anyone can lay back, Joey and Chandler style, in armchairs and play video games.

Stormzy at his House Party launch event with The Cream Group (House Party)
Stormzy at his House Party launch event with The Cream Group (House Party)

Pizza boxes float around the various rooms on a first-come, first-served basis, as well as a carnivore and vegan-friendly barbecue on the roof terrace.

And since no party is complete without a little competition, attendees can also have a go at some beer pong, or take part in “Pass the Aux”, where guests can connect their phone via Bluetooth and play their own music in any room.

The more curious partygoers can even take a deep dive for some of the house’s hidden treats, like Mum’s diary, full of clues that could lead to benefits at the bar. Elsewhere, guests can also earn drinks in a Side Mission, or listen to a confession and leave a Mystery Message for the next user on the hushed hotline.

To join the party, head to for more information and a schedule of upcoming events.