Stormy Daniels' Husband Says 'It's A Big Weight Off Her Shoulders' After Trump Verdict

The husband of Stormy Daniels, adult film star turned star witness, said she feels “vindicated” after Donald Trump was convicted in his hush money trial on Thursday. (Watch the video below.)

Barrett Blade talked to CNN’s Erin Burnett following Trump’s conviction on all 34 counts that he concealed payments to Daniels for her silence so their alleged tryst wouldn’t be made public before the 2016 election. Daniels’ graphic testimony about their alleged 2006 hookup in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, may have proved pivotal.

“This wouldn’t have happened without her,” Blade said, echoing Burnett’s analysis.

“This wasn’t her seeking justice for herself,” he added. “She was standing up for herself early on and saying what was right, but this whole hush money trial... it’s not her story.”

“I mean, it’s nice that the jury saw the facts and made the decision, and of course, we support that either way,” he continued. “But I think it does help with the fact that she feels, you know, a little vindicated that she was telling the truth.”

Blade said the verdict is “a big weight off [Daniels’] shoulders at this point,” but that “I think it brings another weight upon her shoulders of what happens next, what is the next wave of... crap that’s gonna happen.” He expressed concerns that fact-ignoring “MAGA idiots are gonna be coming after her.”

Earlier this month, Blade said there was a “good chance we’ll probably vacate this country” if Trump were to be acquitted. On Thursday, he told Burnett with a laugh that they will not be leaving now.

Trump is set to face sentencing on July 11.