Storm Isha: Rough sleeper shares reality of being homeless during 100mph gusts and heavy flooding

A homeless campaigner sleeping rough shared the reality of being homeless during a storm, as Storm Isha brings 100mph gusts and heavy flooding to the UK.

Richard Roncero, director of homeless charity Steps to Hope, is currently travelling the UK and sleeping rough in various cities.

He gave an update on Sunday, 21 January, after spending a night in Inverness, Scotland, which Storm Isha is wreaking havoc in.

“I’ve been sleeping out since the fifth of December and I’ve experienced all kinds of weather. Waking up with my sleeping bag absolutely drenched soaking, having to wear it over my neck to dry it off,” the Scotsman said

“Now I’m here in bonnie Scotland in Inverness, and we’ve got the weather warning for Storm Isha coming. It’s meant to be really bad, saying there could be an endagerment to life.”