Bizarre scenes at new metro site

Sydney Metro
Meet the latest recruits at Sydney Metro. Picture: Morris McLennan

A NSW state government department has turned to goats to help it in a bid bring weeds under control.

Sydney Metro has hired 20 Boer goats to graze their way through grass and vegetation surrounding the Eastern Creek Precast Facility west of the city.

Sydney Metro
Sydney Metro have hired 20 goats to help control weeds around the Eastern Creek Precast Facility. Picture: Morris McLennan
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A herd of 20 Boer goats will graze their way around the Eastern Creek Precast Facility, in an environmentally friendly approach to manage grass at the site. Picture: Supplied

The goats will be used to control weeds around the site, ripping them from their roots before they have a chance to flower and spread.

The environmentally friendly approach to manage the grass removes the need for noisy machinery, reduces emissions and the environmental impact of using pesticides.

Sydney Metro
The environmentally approach removes the need for noisy machinery and pesticides.

Transport Minister Jo Haylen said they were pleased to welcome the goats as the newest members of their team.

“No ‘goats’, no glory in the landscaping game for these mega projects, and these star employees have got the job,” she said.

“They have an important job to do for our transformational project.

“The goats provide a natural solution to the challenge of weed control and will reduce the environmental impact associated with using pesticides and other machinery.”

Sydney Metro
The goats will be at the site for three weeks, providing great company to 570 workmates at the Eastern Creek site. Picture: Morris McLennan

For the next three weeks, the goats will provide great company to 570 workmates on site who produce more than 150,000 concrete segments for Sydney Metro West.

The goats will have access to fresh water, shade and be kept safely inside a fenced area with workers regularly checking on their welfare.

Once their assignment is over the goats will be moved onto a new home.