Starc and Pollard in IPL confrontation

Starc and Pollard in big IPL confrontation

West Indies superstar Kieron Pollard was involved in an incredible incident with Australian international Mitchell Starc during their IPL match.

Royal Challengers Bangalore strike bowler Starc was bowling to Mumbai Indians big-hitter Pollard in the opening innings of the match in Mumbai, and with Pollard going along well on 29 it seems frustration got the better of the Aussie.

When Pollard stepped back from the crease during the bowler's run-up during the the 17th owner, normally you'd expect to see Starc run through without releasing the ball.

Except, unusually, he did release the ball... and released straight at Pollard, who had retreated outside the crease, almost hitting the batsman.

Pollard was understandably livid - but his reaction almost turned a nasty moment into a historic flashpoint as he raised his bat to throw it at Starc in rage.

Unlike Starc, however, Pollard was able to avert his throw at the last minute - and the bat thudded into the turf rather than the Aussie's head.

Pollard had the last laugh, too: Mumbai went on to win the match, with the West Indian's 43 ending up as the highest score in the match.

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