Star repulses TV hosts with 'gross' on-air confession

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A star has shocked and repulsed TV hosts with an on-air relationship confession people have dubbed as "bizarre" and "gross".

Comedian Sarah Silverman, 51, was appearing on US talk show The View when she made the startling admission about her unusual dental habits.

The View host Sunny Hostin said she had a question for the comedian "because I was befuddled by this".

"Before the pandemic, you were living alone, and you had said that you weren't sure you would even share a bed again, and since then, you started dating, and not only are you sharing your bed, you're sharing your toothbrush," Sunny said.

Comedian Sarah Silverman and co-hot Sara Haines on The View.
Comedian Sarah Silverman shocks The View co-host Sara Haines. Source: YouTube

The live crowd gasped as one of the co-hosts said, "Really? Ew. That's disgusting".

"I was befuddled by that," Sunny said.

Sarah then begins to defend herself, and said she had never shared a toothbrush with anyone in her life.

"And for some reason with [boyfriend Rory Albanese] we have never not used the same toothbrush," she said.

"Everyone's saying that's so gross, let me ask you something.

"Why is that so gross? We kiss each other when we pee."

The View hosts then laugh in disgust while Sarah looks confused by the reaction.

"Not everyone does that either," co-host Whoopi Goldberg said.

Host Joy Behar then shares her opinion on why sharing a toothbrush isn't acceptable just because you kiss.

"You're going in there, and the gums and everything," she said.

"It's disgusting."

Whoopi then ends the discussion by saying, "Do what you want to do in your own house, OK".

"My body, my choice," Sarah responds.

Fans of the show were just as disturbed by Sarah's revelation, with one saying the situation was "bizarre and gross".

"Gross sharing a toothbrush," another commented.

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