Standing classroom trial

Standing classroom trial

First on 7: Melbourne primary school students are trialling the world's first "standing classroom".

The study aims to reduce children's sitting time and could change the face of traditional teaching.

The world-first study, run by the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, aims to get Australia’s kids up on their feet and is being trialled at Mont Albert Primary School.

Height adjustable desks enable students to stand or sit, reducing the overall time children spend being inactive.

During the eight-month trial researchers will measure how much time students spend standing compared to sitting and whether their concentration has improved.

Those results will be compared to a traditional classroom.

So far, it has passed the pupil test at least – Pyper Byrne says: ‘I thought I’d get tired standing, you actually don’t, you get more work done’.

The trial, funded by the Heart Foundation, hopes to change the behaviour of children while at school making it less likely they will lead sedentary lives as adults.